Her Mission.

Art to fill empty spaces & a reminder to feel grounded in existing moments, conquer your fears & live a mindful lifestyle for the planet we cherish.


Creativity. Community. Environment.


Natalie’s passion is to capture what she sees through her lens and turn it into a creative way of beautiful moments on earth. It's the thrill of the adventure experience that gets her inspired to get out in the natural world and explore.  The places she travels to challenge her mental and physical capabilities to envision creative perspectives on Kaua’i and on earth. ​Those cherished photographic moments are made to fill empty spaces with a home in mind, Kaua'i. May these wall art pieces spark inspiration and happiness in your life as much as it brings Natalie gratification to capture these moments.


As a local island wahine who grew up on the island of Kaua’i, her values are rooted in the land, people, and culture. She wants to emphasize and expresses her gratitude through supporting fundraising events for critical issues and contributing her time to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. So far, she has donated her photography art to raise monetary value for suicidal awareness and volunteered with these non-profits:


Our Environment, Our Planet, & Our Future.