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Her Mission.

Art to fill empty spaces & a reminder to feel grounded in existing moments, conquer your fears & live a mindful lifestyle for the planet we cherish.


Passion. Community. Sustainability.


Natalie is a lover of the great outdoors, and it is a creative outlet for her to escape. She is inspired to work with nature as is, capture what she sees through her lens, and turn it into beautiful moments on earth. The places she adventures challenge her mental and physical capabilities to envision creative perspectives on Kaua’i and on earth. ​Those cherished photographic moments are made to fill empty spaces with home or memories in mind. May these wall art pieces spark memories, inspiration, and happiness in your life as much as it brings Natalie gratification to capture these moments.


As a local island wahine (woman) who grew up on the island of Kaua’i, her values are rooted in the land, people, and culture. She wants to emphasize and express her gratitude by dedicating her time to volunteer with local non-profit organizations focusing on sustainability, restoration of the 'āina, and beach clean-ups around Kaua'i.

  • Hoʻomanu Ke Kai - Beach clean up, extraction of invasive plants, restoration of Nomilo Fishpond & up-cycling plastic waste on Kauaʻi into plant pots.

  • Sustainable Coastlines Hawaiʻi- Beach Cleanups on Kauaʻi 

  • Mālama Kauaʻi &  Hawaiʻi Food Bank- Bringing CSA Bags for families in need of food service. 

  • Volunteers her photography services to local farmers to bring an online market presence 



Nataliearth would only be Nataliearth if she is passionate about sustainability and protecting her home, Kaua'i, and the earth. So, our sustainable journey begins with using 100% recycled natural kraft rigid mailers to protect our prints during shipment. We use renewable solar energy to print our photographic prints, greeting cards, and calendars. We aim to use the best alternative resources available and focus on sustainable practices to reduce our plastic usage and carbon emissions because, as a small business, we want to be part of the change. To do and be a better human being for the earth.

The gear she uses.

Sony a7 Camera


Sony FE 3.5-6.3/24-240mm Lens


GoPro8 Black Edition

Her story.

Natalie Nishioka has spent over 7 years pushing her physical and mental limitations of fine art landscape photography. As a self-taught photographer, she has been known for taking gorgeous landscape photography on Kaua'i and around her earth adventures. Natalie has been shooting a rainbow of scenes from the mountain into the ocean.

Born in Oahu and raised on the island of Kaua'i, she never took the isle life for granted. Her journey traced back to the age of 11 when she first used an old silver digital camera to photograph an eagle on a trip to Alaska. Ever since then, photography has always been on her passionate motive. 

In middle school, she got her first Finepix Z fuji-film camera from her parents, which set her interest in photography. In high school, she was gifted a Canon T3i, an upgrade that took her photography to the next level. Throughout high school, social media has impacted her primarily. Instagram was a platform that got her urging to create more brilliant adventures of photography and portraits that gave her an audience. She took a photography class in her senior year that allowed her to learn different techniques, explore other software applications, and create and express her art. 

In college, Natalie discovered a sony a7 camera that took her hobby of adventuring to the next level of quality. College was a time for her to learn new things, grow to be the best version of herself, find her passions, and create with her friends. This is where her love for photography grew, and she focused on exploring the different types of photography to find her niche. 

In December 2019, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Business Degree with a concentration in marketing and a minor in environmental studies. However, in 2020 when the pandemic unfolded, Natalie had plenty of time on her hand, and she got the idea of "what skills do I have that I can monetize." So that year, she researched and built a platform for her photography and focused on pursuing landscape photography. Isolated on an island away from the world during the pandemic, she took advantage of her time to create a business plan and capture places around Kaua'i with no tourists in sight.

For 3 years, jumping jobs to work as a marketing specialist for a  non-profit for 1 year and as a service administrator for a printing company for 2 years, she dedicated her time to hustling and creating the business she never knew she could. 

The year 2021 came around when she first registered her business, Nataliearth LLC. In the meantime, she still worked throughout the week at her admin job. In her free time, she slowly developed her photography business by attending weekly markets, getting her name and photography known, and learning the ways of the art industry for 2 years. 

Recently in January 2023, Natalie finally become a full-time business owner of her photography passions. So, Nataliearth LLC, here she is, ready to live her best life to do what makes her the happiest. Cheers to new adventures to see where her passions take her. 

Find her.




@Nataliearth Photography


Natalie Nishioka


Current Markets 2024

Sheratons Kaua'i Resort

Every Fridays 8:00 am - 11:30 am

(Near ocean lobby by Rum Fire)

2440 Hoonani Road, Koloa HI

Princeville Farmers & Art Market

Every Saturdays, 9:30am - 12:30 pm

Princeville Community Center 

4334 Emmalani Drive, Princeville, HI 96722

Wāipa Farmers Market 

Every Tuesdays, 2 - 5 pm

55785A Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714

Follow Our IG @Nataliearth

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